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Entry #7

Over TWO Years.....

2014-11-26 18:18:19 by Sephael

... since I made a post? Well, I am currently workin two jobs. I work at The Siege Paintball as a referee. It's a great job and I've met a lot of awesome people! Going on my second year there now. At my other job I cut foam with hot wires for specialty packaging for other companies. Fairly easy job, and the pay isn't terrible, but not a dream job at all.

I am working on a novel that I hope to finish within the year and get published. I am praying that it sells very well and banks me enough cash to kill off my student loans. Not a hell of a lot else worth mentioning in my life, but thanks for reading!


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2014-11-26 20:59:40

wish you the best of luck then!

Sephael responds:

Thank you!


2014-11-26 21:59:58

Good to hear you still doing art, keep it up...and student loans, ugh, I feel ya. Hope it's successful upon release!

Sephael responds:

Thank you! The writing has taken a backseat to work, but I am thinking I need to re-evaluate that thought. Work isn't paying off the loans, so I need to get my novel finished...