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Over TWO Years.....

2014-11-26 18:18:19 by Sephael

... since I made a post? Well, I am currently workin two jobs. I work at The Siege Paintball as a referee. It's a great job and I've met a lot of awesome people! Going on my second year there now. At my other job I cut foam with hot wires for specialty packaging for other companies. Fairly easy job, and the pay isn't terrible, but not a dream job at all.

I am working on a novel that I hope to finish within the year and get published. I am praying that it sells very well and banks me enough cash to kill off my student loans. Not a hell of a lot else worth mentioning in my life, but thanks for reading!


2012-02-10 02:21:26 by Sephael

Well, I'm unemployed (the last job was a bust), and the student loans just don't stop... At least I have my health and a roof over my head.

Things Looking Up?

2011-09-21 02:22:13 by Sephael

9-22-2011 I will be starting a new job (at least the two-week probation). It's not my dream job, but in this economy I need to make money to pay my student loans. Wish me luck.....

Update 4 Update-sake...

2011-07-17 00:56:46 by Sephael

I noticed it's been awhile since I posted something, so here we are (I am), doing the posty thingy.

So on the sad news, my NES recently crapped out on me, and just as I was getting back into the first Final Fantasy again! Now, this wouldn't be so bad except that it is the rare top-feed NES! Also, this would be the second NES to crap out on me.... On top of all this, my SNES crapped out on me almost a year ago! So I am just waiting for my GameCube, GameBoy Advanced, and DS to all go to shit too...

Now for some happy news! I was finally able to register at ( ) and archive my entire game library and quite a few of the games I can remember playing too! I have even included a good number (pretty much all of them) of games I played here!

In other happy news (for me) my favorite musician (Tori Amos) is releasing a new album in September! That sad news associated with this is that she currently has NO tour dates in Milwaukee, so I'll have to scrounge up the funds to see her in Chicago (assuming a date isn't added).

Well, until next time......

GEARS of War 3 Beta.....

2011-05-13 02:26:12 by Sephael

I have been playing this since my buddy got me the code (three days ago) and I can't wait until I am done. I am not a big fan of multi-player versus (but I love co-op), and this beta has been giving me my fill for the game (when it comes out). The only reason I play it and keep playing open special stuff for the retail game... All I have left (that I give a crap about that is) is the Gold Retro Lancer for retail, and I am SO close to getting it! I got three more days left before it will be out of my reach (which it WILL be obtained)! My luck, they will release it with dlc a month or two after the game hits stores. Hard work for me to obtain it, but at least it will have been free!

Fun AND Excitement!

2011-04-09 06:38:31 by Sephael

So I bought a 16Gb flash drive to convert into a memory card for my Xbox360. First, it won't format for me. I take it over to a friend's and he manages to format it on his 360. Okay.... So I load it up with my Arcade games (thinking it will free up 14.2Gb of space on my hard drive. Now I can't get the games to play without freezing up my system. DAMN! End up having to re-download ALL the Arcade games I put on there (not really a big deal). So thinking it's just a matter of slow processing through the USB port, I decide to load up my profile and all my game saves on it now. Next thing I know my profile becomes corrupted! I recover that (so not a huge deal), but I start to notice game saves are now corrupted! So I transfer what I can back to my hard drive (losing only ten items after all is said and done). Thinking I lost three games saves (which I had recently put a lot of time into) I am very agitated. So finally tonight (almost a full week after the incident) I decide to test all 48 of my game saves. To my relief, I discover that two of the three game saves I thought I lost were still intact! I also find out that two OTHER game saves had become corrupted, but thankfully the auto-saves for those two games were still intact and only a couple of minutes before the corrupted saves. SO, what it comes down to is I really only lost ONE game save! THANK THE VIDEO GAME GODS! It just sucked how much time I had to waste to find all of this out. Lesson the gut-instinct!

Old School

2009-09-16 14:41:40 by Sephael

So, I finally got my hands on a top-load NES. I've been revisiting my childhood, playing all those old games again. Anyone else take out their old NES to play it occasionally. What games to you tackle when you do?